It’s almost Christmas and your festive fundraising is about to go into full swing. Have you ever thought about using Twitter to help you advance your donations? Technology Trust have published a very useful guide on how to make the most of Twitter for your Christmas campaign.

The guide offers a great step by step guide to three main features of Twitter, the first of which is Twitter Moments. This new feature allows charities to create a story and add Tweets that they have liked – or Tweets followers have sent –  to this story. This feature can be great for showing how a campaign is going or giving updates of fundraising events. See this moment recently posted by Children in Need to update on their Rickshaw Challenge.

Secondly, the guide references the use of media on Twitter. Statistics show that Tweets with images or videos receive a lot more likes and retweets. The article gives examples of charities making great use of media on Twitter such as Dogs Trust. Have a look at their page and see how almost every Tweet has an image with it, you will also note that the image is always relevant to the Tweet to make it as effective as possible. Why not post a video of a fundraising event, or even of one of your services in action? This is a great platform to show donors exactly what it is you do and how their money is spent.

The third feature highlighted is Conversational Ads. This is something that may be useful for a larger campaign as while it initially doesn’t cost anything, Twitter do charge for click-throughs. It’s definitely worth considering  how much you can benefit from this before signing up, and we’d only recommend it as part of a larger campaign. Conversational Ads allow you to use a call to action button which allows the consumer to interact with you, and in turn,Twitter then posts a Tweet for them to share with their followers thus increasing awareness of your campaign. See this blog by Twitter to see how they work and how they will look on your follower’s timeline.

However you are planning to do your Christmas Fundraising, we think that Twitter and other social media platforms can be very helpful for your campaign. After all, Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. Using these features can help ensure that your charity is included in those Tweets, and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Read the full article by Technology Trust.