After the events of last year, it’s not news to anyone that public trust in charities is at an all time low. Last month the Charity Commission published a blog covering key areas that charities need to work on to get the message across to the public that their time and money does make a difference. Of course, the focus is firmly rooted on engaging with the Charity Commission but they make some useful points:

1) Be clear about what you are aiming to do and how you make an impact – This is all about public benefit reporting. While you may be clear on what you aim to do, are you telling the story about what you have done and the difference it has made (the impact)?

2) What will you do with money you raise from the public or with the time and energy of volunteers? – What are your plans for the next year? Include these on your website and in your annual report so donors are clear what their money is needed for.

3) Clear, simple accounting that explains your support/ administration and fundraising costs – Accounts should be easy to read (believe us, sometimes they require an accountant to decipher the information).

4) File your accounts on time – Late accounts show up on the charity commission website as ‘overdue’ and may raise alarm bells.

5) Keep up to date with Charity Commission guidance – Ensure trustee emails are registered with the commission so they can send them updates directly.

For the full blog from the Charity Commission look here.

The Commission are also consulting with charities on what they can do to help build trust in charities. Let us know if you have any ideas – we are compiling comments to feed back. Send your suggestions to