Trust and Grant Fundraising

Have you explored trust and grant fundraising? Trusts, grants and foundations are a vital source of funding for most charities. There are thousands of grant-making trusts out there – we can identify the right funders for you and help produce successful bids.

Identifying funders

With over 8,000 grant-making trusts and foundations in the UK, it might seem hard to know where to start finding the best funding match.

We have the latest fundraising opportunities at our fingertips – we subscribe to all the main funding databases and receive daily national and regional updates. We can help find you the right match and identify your funders’ priorities.

Build a Case for Support

There are thousands of charities out there – how can you make your cause stand out? Developing a strong Case for Support is the key to successful fundraising.

We can conduct research for your project, help you identify qualities that will appeal to funders and build a robust case that will demonstrate the positive impact of your work and why their support is needed.

All our research is underpinned by our up-to-date policy knowledge, as well as national and local qualitative and quantitative data.

Finding funding opportunities

We get straight to the bottom of what funders are looking for and translate this into a user-friendly report. Our reports include details of fundraising opportunities available to you and step-by-step guidance on how to access them.

We can identify the objectives and priorities of individual funders and help your application stand out from the crowd.

We will also advise on the best timings for your applications and keep a record of all applications submitted and their outcomes for future reference.

Get in touch to make sure your application ticks all the right boxes.

“We have enjoyed working with Fundraising Central and found them professional and helpful. They have a very good understanding of the funding environment and take the time to research what funders are likely to be looking for in applications. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking to raise funds.” Alan Fraser, Chief Executive – Birmingham YMCA

Writing bids and applications

We all know ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’, but how should you ask?

Preparing written bids for funding might seem a little daunting at first. What details to include? How to present your case? What language to use?

Our team specialise in writing bids including:

  • Production of tenders
  • Proposals
  • Speculative letters
  • Appeals
  • Application forms.

We can help you build a solid case for funding with strong supporting evidence giving your application the best possible chance.

We have successfully secured funding from:

  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Grant making trusts and charitable foundations
  • European Social Fund
  • Department for Education
  • Local authorities
  • Department for Work and Pensions

Are you looking to secure some crucial funding? Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

“Working with Fundraising Central has built our confidence as an organisation to source and win suitable funding to fit in with our strategic objectives. Thanks indeed!” Liz Robson, MD – Worth-It Projects