Have you set yourself up on social media but not seeing any positive impact? Simply setting up social media channels for your charity won’t automatically pave the way to new sources of funding. So what steps can you take in the right direction?

Choose the right platform

Before you start on social media, think about how much time and resource you can dedicate to it. Don’t feel pressured to be on all social media channels – pick carefully the ones that suit you. It’s better to do one channel well, rather than three poorly. This obviously raises questions around resource – who will manage your accounts and how much time can you dedicate to it?

Be active

Post updates regularly to show off your work. Nothing looks worse than a Facebook account that hasn’t been updated in six months. Active accounts show that you’re engaged, professional and ready to start a dialogue. Take time to regularly monitor accounts for any comments or feedback so you can respond.

Build relationships

The clue is in the name – social media is social! It’s a perfect way to connect to people, start a relationship and build on that connection. Your social media audience will want to hear about your latest work – give them behind the scenes access and make them feel special. Use your channel to start a dialogue with your audience – don’t just broadcast information, keep it light. Engage in conversations and be ready to respond to feedback.

Showcase your work

Your social media channels are there to show off your good work. Post good quality photographs and take care with grammar and spelling. Take as much care over your social media content as you would over printed material. Potential funders will be looking at your social channels, so make sure your posts shine with enthusiasm, flair and passion.

Emotional appeal

Think about the last time you shared a Facebook post and why you shared it. Any posts that trigger an emotion in your reader work best. Think about the language you use to appeal to your audience – they already care about your cause if they are following your account, so make the most of it!

Measuring success

Think of your social media activity as mini marketing campaigns – why are you posting them and how will you measure success? Sometimes social media can complement wider marketing campaigns. There are metric tools on each social channel to measure reach, as well as deeper analytics to help you understand what is resonating most with your audience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with social media – if done properly it can ‘warm up’ your audience to being more open to donating and fundraising. If you’d like advice on how to make the most of your social media channels get in touch!