The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) have published a report based on their research exploring the public attitudes towards their local community post-Brexit. The report, A Stronger Britain: How can charities build post-Brexit Britain? looks at the impact that political developments during the months pre and post-Brexit have had on society and the role the believe charities should play.

CAF found that nearly 14 million people feel that their community is now more divided than it was pre Brexit with only 17% of people feeling more positive about people in their local area. This points to post-Brexit Britain being a nation with tensions running high and problems such as racism increasing. The National Police Chiefs Council states that hate crimes rose by 57% in the days immediately following the referendum. CAF’s finding show that 46% of people believe that charities can help to improve community cohesion.

The report also suggests that charities are to play an integral part in making an independent Britain work by ensuring that they provide support to those most at risk and also providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds to mix and rebuild communities that have been affected by Brexit. The report shows that 84% of people think charities are best placed to speak up for the disadvantaged and to help influence government policies.

Findings from the report show that 56% of people believe local charities should receive more support from councils and 51% from central government. CAF suggest that more people are now more active in a political or social cause with 9 million people saying they now feel more inclined to volunteer in their local community. This increase in people wanting to be involved in their communities is a great thing for charities showing the influence that they can hold not only in their community but also nationwide. CAF point out heightened engagement with political and social issues appears to have generated a renewed desire amongst the public for involvement in civic engagement.

With charities being at the heart of local communities, this CAF report calls upon them to utilise their links with government and influence in communities to help build and support a stronger united post-Brexit Britain.  The full report is available to read here.