Debra Allcock Tyler, Chief Executive of the Directory of Social Change, recently wrote about charities being loud and proud saying people should give to charity “because one day you and your family might well need them

Is this the right approach? Donating to a cause because we might need help ourselves some day is a short-sighted, selfish premise. Whereas encouraging broader philanthropy and raising awareness of issues that affect others will benefit society as a whole.

Undoubtedly 2015 was a tough year for the charity sector. The fantastic work of many charities was overshadowed by the wayward behaviour of others.

Moving forward, we need to be more transparent. We should take criticism on the chin where it is due, instead of trying to brush our problems under the carpet.

Being up-front about our flaws is the first step towards developing a robust business approach – with a positive impact for the whole charity sector.

When our working methods stand up to scrutiny, then we’ll have something to be ‘loud and proud’ about and encourage people to support our good work.